Regional Seminar on the Use of Patent Information in Research and Development and Transfer of Research Results From Scientific Institutions and Universities to Industry

Meeting codeWIPO/PI/KYI/97
Date and venueOctober 6 to October 7, 1997 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Topic(s)Patent-related Seminars, Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/PI/KYI/97/1EnglishPatent Documents as Valuable Sources of Technical Information
WIPO/PI/KYI/97/2EnglishExperience of the European Patent Office EPO in the Provision of Patent Information to Industries
WIPO/PI/KYI/97/3EnglishTransfer of Research Results from Universities to Industries in the United States of America
WIPO/PI/KYI/97/4EnglishThe Organization of Technology Transfer from Researchers and Universities to Industry