Unesco-WIPO World Forum on the Protection of Folklore

Date and venueApril 8 to April 10, 1997 (Phuket, Thailand)
Topic(s)Folklore (Traditional Cultural Expressions)

Meeting documents

UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/INF/1EnglishGeneral Information and Preliminary Program
FrançaisGeneral Information and Preliminary Program
EspañolGeneral Information and Preliminary Program
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/1EnglishPreservation and Conservation of Expressions of Folklore: The Experience of Africa
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/4EnglishPreservation and Conservation of Expressions of Folklore: The Experience of the Pacific Region
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/5EspañolLa Experiencia de la Región de América Latina y el Caribe sobre la Preservación y Conservación de las Expresiones del Folklore
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/6EnglishPreservation and Conservation of Expressions of Folklore: The Experience of North America
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/7EspañolLa Experiencia de Europea Occidental
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/10FrançaisLa protection du folklore par le droit de la propriété industrielle et celui des obligations
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/11EnglishProtection of those who Make Available and of those who Collect Expressions of Folklore
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/12EnglishLegal Means of Protection of Expressions of Folklore in National Legislation: Protection of the Collection of Expressions of Folklore; The Role of Libraries and Archives
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/14EnglishEconomic Exploitation of Expressions of Folklore: The Experience of the Americas
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/15EnglishThe Experience of Asia and the Pacific Region
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/16EnglishEconomic Exploitation of Expressions of Folklore: The European Experience
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/17EnglishInternational Protection of Expressions of Folklore: UNESCO Follow-Up to the 1989 Recommendation on the Safeguarding of Traditional Culture and Folklore
UNESCO-WIPO/FOLK/PKT/97/19English1967, 1982, 1984: Attempts to Provide International Protection for Folklore by Intellectual Property Rights