WIPO Asian Regional Congress on Copyright and Neighboring Rights

Meeting codeWIPO/CNR/CNM/96
Date and venueNovember 18 to November 20, 1996 (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Topic(s)Copyright-related Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/1EnglishOverview of the International Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights
WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/3EnglishCopyright and Neighboring Rights Protection: The National Experience of Japan
WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/4EnglishCollective Administration of Copyright and Neighboring Rights in Asia and the Pacific
WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/5EnglishThe Issue of Piracy: Its Impact on Developing Countries and the Ways and Means to Fight it
WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/6EnglishThe Impact of Digital Technology on Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection
WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/7EnglishReprography, Digital Use and Copyright
WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/8EnglishCopyright and Neighboring Rights in the TRIPS Agreement
WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/10EnglishEmerging International Copyright Norms
WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/11EnglishAttempts to Establish International Protection for Folklore through Intellectual Property Rights
WIPO/CNR/CNM/96/12EnglishWIPO and its Development Cooperation Program in the Field of Copyright and Neighboring Rights for Asian and Pacific Countries