International Conference on Intellectual Property and Development

IP and Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture

This Conference will bring together speakers from IGOs, NGOs, governments, academia and the private sector to exchange about the importance of innovation for sustainable agriculture and discuss how IP tools can support it. It will look at the role of innovation and IP in different stages of the agricultural value chain – from land preparation and agricultural inputs, cultivation and harvesting, to storing, distribution and consumption.

The event is being organized in the context of WIPO’s Development Agenda and WIPO’s Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP). It is part of a series of Conferences held biennially in the framework of the CDIP.

The Conference is open to all, either at WIPO’s Headquarters in Geneva or via an online platform.

Member States representatives and Observers attending CDIP/30 do not need to register separately to attend the Conference.

Each panel discussion will conclude with a Q&A session, during which participants will be able to raise questions to the panelists.

Interpretation will be available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.


Registration and welcoming (8.30 – 9.30)

High Level Dialogue: IP as an Incentive for Sustainable Agriculture (9.30 – 10.30)

During the High Level Dialogue, Dignitaries will engage in a conversation about the challenges that the agricultural sector is facing in view of the current global climate crises, and how public policies, including national IP policies, can incentivize innovation and the use of various forms of IP in the agricultural sector to help address those challenges.

Moderator and Panelists

Moderator: Daren Tang
WIPO Director General
Speaker: H.E. Mr. Vahit Kirişçi
Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Türkiye
Photo of H. E. Ms. Sofía Boza
Speaker: H. E. Ms. Sofía Boza
Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Chile to the World Trade Organization
Photo: Alejandro Ortega
Speaker: Tbc

Panel 1: Agricultural land and inputs – Preparing the ground (11.00 – 12.30)

Farmers need productive land, good quality seed of high-performing plant varieties adapted to their locations and production methods, fertilizers, livestock, machinery and irrigation to ensure successful and sustainable agricultural production.  During this session, panelists will analyze how IP and innovation can help to satisfy these needs.

Moderator and Panelists

Moderator: Tbc
Photo of Peter Button
Speaker: Mr. Peter Button
Vice Secretary-General, UPOV
Photo of Mr. Elcio Perpétuo Guimarães
Speaker: Mr. Elcio Perpétuo Guimarães
Director General, Embrapa Rice and Beans, Goiânia, Brazil
Photo of Ms. Susan Bragdon
Speaker: Ms. Susan Bragdon
Director of Seeds for All, Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Photo of Ms. Nailya Shodorova
Case study: Ms. Nailya Shodorova
Director, EGISTIC, Astana, Kazakhstan

Panel 2: Cultivation and Harvesting – Producing the crop (14.00 – 15.30)

Farmers face multiple challenges in crop and livestock farming, such as pests and diseases, adverse weather, food loss management and fluctuating market conditions.  During this session, panelists will discuss how to respond to these challenges, including with the use of e-farming applications and artificial intelligence-based machines.  New trends in agriculture such as “climate-smart villages” and urban agriculture will be also considered.  In this context, panelists will also look at various IP tools and strategies that could encourage innovation for more sustainable farm production.

Moderator and Panelists

Moderator: Tbc
Photo: R Raghunathan
Speaker:  tbc
Photo of Mr. Surya Mani Tripathi
Speaker: Mr. Surya Mani Tripathi
Head Legal Services, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-arid tropics (ICRISAT), Hyderabad, Telengana, India
Photo: Ms. Namukolo Covic
Speaker: Ms. Namukolo Covic
Regional Director, East and Southern Africa, CGIAR, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Photo of
Case study: Tbc

Panel 3: Storing, Distribution and Consumption – From farming to commercializing (15.45 – 17.15)

The storing and distribution represents the stage of the supply chain that takes the agricultural products from farmers to consumers.  This stage is highly dependent on good infrastructure, efficient energy and secure transportation systems.  Consumer awareness and behavior is important to drive the direction of agricultural production and distribution.  In this session, panelists will explore policies and innovative technologies at this stage of the value chain, designed to reduce the losses that occur while storing and distributing agricultural goods along the way, but also the importance of IP branding strategies in shaping consumer behavior and encouraging responsible consumption.

Moderator and Panelists

Moderator: Tbc
Photo: Stephen Mbithi Mwikya
Speaker: Mr. Stephen Mbithi Mwikya
Secretary, Blue Economy Resources, Cabinet Affairs Office, Nairobi, Kenya 
Photo:Silvia Salazar Fallas
Speaker: Ms. Silvia Salazar Fallas
Legal Adviser, PROINNOVA, University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica

Photo: Ms. Florence Tartanac
Speaker: Ms. Florence Tartanac
Senior Officer, Food and Nutrition Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome, Italy

Photo of Mr. Asahi Suzuki
Case study: Mr. Asahi Suzuki
Managing Director, Agricultural Administration Division, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Yamagata Prefectural Government, Yamagata, Japan

Concluding Dialogue on opportunities for the future (17.15 – 18.00)

Selected panelists from previous sessions will highlight some key messages and will share additional reflections on the main debates held during the Conference.

Moderator and Panelists

Moderator: Tbc
Photo: Alejandro Ortega
Speaker: Tbc

Photo: Elisabeth Eppinger
Speaker: Tbc

Photo:Leena Pishe Thomas
Speaker: Tbc



Hasan Kleib
WIPO Deputy Director General, Regional and National Development Sector