Voices from the 2022 WIPO IP Judges Forum

Judges from around the world who attended the WIPO Intellectual Property Judges Forum in November 2022 share their thoughts on the challenges of adjudicating intellectual property (IP) disputes, the benefits of cross-border judicial dialogue, and how WIPO can assist IP judges in their role of ensuring a balanced and effective IP ecosystem.

The Forum is an annual event organized by the WIPO Judicial Institute as part of WIPO’s work with the judiciaries.

Rafael Francisco Barreiro, Judge, National Commercial Court of Appeal, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Stephen Burley, Justice, Federal Court of Australia, Sydney, Australia
Souad El Farhaoui, Judge and Director of Education, Higher Institute of Magistracy, Rabat, Morocco
Klaus Grabinski, President, Court of Appeal, Unified Patent Court, Luxembourg
Paul Faustin Kihwelo, Justice, Court of Appeal, Dar es Salaam; Principal, Institute of Judicial Administration, Lushoto, United Republic of Tanzania
Lydia Mugambe, Justice, High Court, Kampala, Uganda
Zane Pētersone, Judge, Supreme Court of Latvia, Riga, Latvia
Luis Antonio Soler Pascual, Judge, Provincial High Court of Alicante, Alicante, Spain
Caroline Tauk, Federal Judge, Regional Federal Court of the Second Region, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil