Transcript from the Video Interview with Shiseido on the Madrid system

"Shiseido founded Japan's first modern pharmacy in Tokyo in 1872 and has been producing health and beauty products ever since. The name “Shiseido" comes from a Chinese poem, “praise the virtues of the great Earth, which nurtures life and brings forth new values.”

By flexibly responding to customer and market changes, we have made steady progress in expanding our business to 87 countries all over the world. Our sales strategy involves adjusting our core brands to the demands of each culture.

For forty years, Shiseido has been using the Madrid system for the International Registration of Marks, which has helped us manage our intellectual property abroad.  We have used the Madrid system for our major brands including our corporate logo “SHISEIDO” and the distinguishing camellia flower mark that are currently registered in more than 120 countries. Other product brands, such as AQUALABEL for skincare, MAJOLICA MAJORKA for make up, are also managed under the Madrid system.

The Madrid system has many merits such as enabling trademark holders to file applications to several countries, as opposed to sending local applications to each country. It helps us save time as well as costs for trademark management.

  • Another cost benefit of the Madrid System is that we do not have to appoint local attorneys at the time of filing unless.  We also save attorney fees whenever we renew our trademarks.
  • If we have to file our trademark application to different countries, the amount of time it takes to complete the registration varies from country to country. With the Madrid system, we can expect to receive a response from Offices within one year to 18 months.
  •   It also allows us, by its subsequent designation features, to add more countries to our international registration, which is very helpful as we plan on expanding our business to new markets. 

The Madrid system simplified the trademark registration and management procedures, which has allowed us to improve our operation and efficiency.

We will continue to use the Madrid System to strengthen the management of our intellectual property and expand our business abroad.

It is a great tool for our business!"