Transcript from the Video Interview with Orka Group on the Madrid system

"ORKA Group was established in 1986. Our Group has three leading multi-national mens wear brands, Damat, Tween and DS. In twenty-five years, we have achieved to become, Turkey's leading pants wear retailer. We operate worldwide, 385 sales points with 170 conceptions.

In order to protect its trademarks, the Group has cooperated with the Madrid system since 2002.

Trade marking is really critical in retail environment, various designs are open to imitation.

This system enables the group to fast track trademark applications and protect highly invested brands. The brands of the ORKA Group are committed to innovation as well as creation. Nano-technologic product lines are a considerable part of the collections. The Group attends the leading fashion fairs and organizations of the world. One brand of the Group, Tween, is a unique brand which had a fashion show in London fashion week 2011, though it is not an English brand.

The system is cost effective, flexible, time saving and user and investment friendly. We are hoping this system expands its reach to middle eastern countries and Africa.

The Madrid system, with its simple registration process, enables the Group to operate swiftly in a highly competitive retail environment.

Thank you WIPO."