Madrid System: Managing International Trademark Registrations – Request Continued Processing

If you fail to comply with a time limit established by WIPO in respect of your international trademark registration, you may request continued processing. We have not yet integrated this function into eMadrid so, for now, you need to use Madrid System Form MM20. Simply send your completed form to us through our document upload service.

Important: You must submit your request for continued processing within two months of the expiry of the time limit concerned.

Continued processing in relation to time limits is only possible to:

  • fix specified irregularities under Rules 11(2), 20bis(2), 24(5)(b) or 26(2);
  • pay fees due for the international trademark application under Rule 11(3);
  • pay the second part of an individual fee under Rule 34(3)(c)(iii); and
  • file a request that an international trademark registration continue its effects in a successor State, and to pay the related fees under Rule 39(1).

How much does it cost?

The fee to request continued processing is 200 Swiss francs.

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