WIPO National Awards Guidelines

  1. WIPO will consider the giving of WIPO National Awards on the basis of a request submitted through the national intellectual property office on behalf of any public or private body located in a WIPO member state. The request should be submitted to WIPO at least three months in advance of the event.
  2. The WIPO National Awards categories are: the WIPO Medal for Inventors, the WIPO Medal for Creativity, the WIPO IP Enterprise Medal, the WIPO Schoolchildren’s Medal and the WIPO Users’ Medal.
  3. WIPO will approve the giving of WIPO National Awards at up to two ceremonies in any WIPO member state in any calendar year. One Award may be offered in each category on the same occasion.
  4. The organization of competitions for the WIPO National Awards (other than the WIPO Users’ Medal) will be under the responsibility of one or more national organizations or institutions (referred to in these Guidelines as “the organizers”), such as relevant ministries, national intellectual property offices, cultural institutions, industry associations, practitioner bodies and collective management organizations, as appropriate to the nature of the WIPO Award in question.
  5. Within one month after the awards ceremony (if not done before), the organizers will submit to WIPO a written statement as to the identities of those to whom WIPO National Awards have been awarded and the grounds for their nomination.
  6. The WIPO Medal for Inventors, the WIPO Medal for Creativity and the WIPO Schoolchildren’s Medal are open to individuals and teams of individuals.
  7. The WIPO IP Enterprise Medal and the WIPO Users’ Medal are open to individuals, teams of individuals, business corporations and individual departments of academic or research institutions.
  8. Anyone nominated for the WIPO Award for Inventors should have obtained (or have made a pending application for) a patent or utility model.
  9. Each Award consists of a medal and a certificate signed by the Director General of WIPO.
  10. Where a medal is awarded to a group of individuals, a single Award will be given jointly. Each member of the group will receive a certificate.
  11. The decision to confer an Award (other than the WIPO Users’ Medal) shall be made by an independent panel (which may include representatives of the national intellectual property office), in accordance with clearly established criteria. If requested, WIPO will advise as to the suitability of the procedure and selection criteria, which shall remain the responsibility of the organizers. The WIPO Users’ Medal is awarded in the discretion of WIPO on the proposal of the organizers.
  12. The organizers shall take care that the subject-matter of any Award does not offend any political, cultural or religious sensitivity. WIPO reserves the right to decline to make an Award in individual cases.
  13. The WIPO National Awards are to be bestowed at the highest level of national award. The organizers will make arrangements for an appropriate ceremony for the announcement of the WIPO National Awards. Substantial publicity should be sought for the event.
  14. These guidelines will be interpreted with a view to preserving the prestige and distinctiveness of the WIPO National Awards.