Development Agenda Portal:Technology Transfer and Open Collaboration

This page presents information on meetings held, and documents, studies and other material prepared, in the context of three Development Agenda (DA) projects on technology transfer and open collaboration, namely:

  • Innovation and Technology Transfer Support Structure for National Institutions (Rec. 10_03)
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer: “Common Challenges – Building Solutions” (Recs. 19, 25, 26 and 28)
  • Open Collaborative Projects and IP-Based Models (Rec. 36)

A dedicated web forum also exists for comments and feedback.

Note that the views expressed in the studies are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the WIPO Secretariat or any of the Organization’s Member States.

Innovation and technology transfer support structure for national institutions


  • WIPO Patent Drafting Manual PDF, title goes here
  • Successful Technology Licensing PDF, title goes here
  • Exchanging Value: Negotiating Technology Licensing Agreements PDF, title goes here
  • Intellectual Property Audit Tool PDF, title goes here
  • IP Asset Development & Management: A Key Strategy for Economic Growth PDF, title goes here

IP Asset Management Support for Universities

As one of the primary sources of generation of new technologies in developing and countries in transition, universities and R&D institutions increasingly play an important role in the process of technological innovation, technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property (IP) arising from research activities, which ultimately contribute to national economic, social and cultural development.  A new initiative is being created to respond to the needs of this important WIPO constituency and will soon be available on this web site.

Intellectual property and technology transfer: “common challenges – building solutions”



WIPO Expert Forum on International Technology Transfer, February 16 to 18, 2015 (Geneva, Switzerland), Program PDF, title goes here | Speakers PDF, title goes here | Media story | Report

Open collaborative projects and IP-based models

Study and Atlas

  • Taxonomy-Analytical Study (by Linus Dahlander, David Gann and Gerard George - October 31, 2011)
  • Atlas of Global Knowledge Flows (by Gary Goldman, Kris Oswalt, Adriana Valdez Young, Becky Band Jain, Alexandre Toureh, John Toner, Gaurav Sharma, Ms. Irene Inouye, Haya Shaath, Jitesh Dhoot and Vikesh Ojh - September 19, 2014)