Hague System: Preparing You to Designate China in Your International Applications

May 4, 2022

China's accession to the Hague System will take effect on May 5, 2022. We have already published some key information to help you, should you wish to designate China in an international application as of this date:

  • Individual designation fees: China. Find out more in Information Notice 7/2022 PDF, Information Notice 7/2022, Individual Designation Fees in China
  • Information on specific views required for three-dimensional designs and graphical user interfaces – Information Notice 8/2022 PDF, Information Notice 8/2022, Specific Information on Compliant Views Required in China
  • Updated Guidance on Including Multiple Designs in an International Application PDF, Guidance on including multiple designs in an international application
  • Updated Guidance on Preparing and Providing Reproductions PDF, Guidance on reproductions

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