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July 1, 2021

We have just released the first in a new series of Hague System stories, show casing designs in action. "Kubota – Designing for the Future" features Japanese giant Kubota, one of the world leaders in agricultural machinery, small construction machinery and engines.

Their ideal? To provide unique products that englobe both universal visual appeal and technical excellence.

The story looks at Kubota’s hands-on approach to design, its’ aspirations as a sustainability-focused problem-solving game changer, and how the corporation is benefiting from the Hague System.

Photo of Kubota's concept tractor that represents the future of smart farming
(Photo: Kubota)

Coming soon

More stories will be coming soon – featuring a whole range of designs protected under the Hague System – providing you with insights into how designs work in the real world, and how they can help you obtain wider market recognition and increase your global competitiveness.

Stay tuned!

Image containing miscellaneous design icons
Internet of Things (Getty/studiostockart)

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