COVID-19 Update – Important Information for Hague Users

May 6, 2020

(Originally published April 2, 2020)

WIPO is continuing operations under the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs. We are committed to ensuring that any transitional issues experienced by users, intellectual property (IP) offices and any other stakeholders in our processes are kept to a minimum despite these challenging circumstances.

You can monitor WIPO’s operations during the COVID-19 pandemic using the Organization’s online dashboard.

We are mindful that possible disruptions might affect users of the Hague System due to measures taken against the COVID-19 outbreak. Consequently, we have compiled all relevant information on this page, which will be updated as instructions become available.

Equivalent measures are being taken in the PCT and Madrid Systems.

Exclusive use of electronic communications

Since March 2020, we have been distributing Hague-related notifications to our customers by e-mail only and have discontinued the use of paper-based communications.

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Remedies and extension of time limits for Hague users

We wish to inform you of the remedies available against a failure to meet a time limit under the Hague System and to remind you of the automatic extension of time limits in case an IP office is not open to the public.

For detailed information on these remedies, please refer to Information Notice No. 5/2020 PDF, Remedies available in case of failure to meet a time limit and extension of time limits in case of closure

Measures implemented by IP offices of Hague members

Where WIPO is officially notified by IP offices of relevant COVID-19 measures that they have put in place, such information will be published as Hague Information Notices.

Full list of Hague Information Notices relating to measures notified by IP offices.

Hague Customer Service

Please direct your inquiries through Contact Hague for faster customer service while we are on virtual work presence as part of COVID-19 organizational safety measures.

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