Viet Nam Joins the Hague System

September 30, 2019

On September 30, 2019, the Government of Viet Nam deposited its instrument of accession to the Geneva Act (1999) of the Hague Agreement with WIPO’s Director General Francis Gurry. This makes Viet Nam the 61st member of the 1999 Act and 71st member of the Hague Union. The 1999 Act will enter into force in Viet Nam on December 30, 2019.

Video: WIPO Director General Welcomes Viet Nam's Accession to the Hague System

As of December 30, 2019, companies and designers from Viet Nam can begin using the Hague System to protect their industrial designs in the Contracting Parties to the 1999 Act of the Hague Agreement. That translates to protection in the territories of up to 86 countries through a single international application and set of fees.

Foreign companies and designers can seek design protection through the Hague System in Viet Nam from December 30, 2019.

Legal details

The instrument of accession includes the following declarations under the 1999 Act and the Common Regulations:

  • Rule 9(3)(a) ( specific views of the industrial design)
  • Article 5(2)(b)(ii) (description of the characteristic features of the industrial design)
  • Article 5(2)(b)(iii) (claim)
  • Article 11(1)(b) (no deferment of publication)
  • Article 13(1) (special requirements concerning unity of design)
  • Rule 12(1)(b)(iii) (level three of the standard designation fee)
  • Article 17(3)(c) (duration of protection)

About the Hague System

The Hague System offers a cost-effective, efficient means of registering industrial designs. A single application allows you to register up to 100 industrial designs in 71 countries and intergovernmental organizations. By using Hague, you do away with the need to file applications in each individual country/region.

One application, one set of fees, and all in one language – industrial design registration made easy!

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