Change in the Name and/or Address of the Holder

A request for the recording of a change in the name and/or address (or address for correspondence) of the holder may be presented to the International Bureau on official form DM/6.  This form must not be used where the change of name results from a change in ownership.  In such a case, form DM/2 should be used (refer to “Change in ownership”).

Rule 21(1)(a)(ii)

Item 1:  International registration number

A single request may relate to several international registrations recorded in the name of the same holder.  If, in respect of a given international registration, the number is not known (because the international registration has not yet been effected or notified to the holder), no other number should be given.  The holder should wait until he is notified of the international registration number concerned and then make a further request.

Rule 21(2)(i)

Item 2:  Holder

The name of the holder, as recorded in the International Register, must be indicated in the same way as that described under “Applicant”.

Rule 21(2)(ii)

Item 3:  Change

Spaces are provided to indicate the new name, new address, new phone number and new email address.  Only the information which has changed need be indicated.  That is, for example, where only the name has changed, it is sufficient to indicate the new name, leaving the other spaces blank; similarly, where only the address has changed, there is no need to repeat the name.

Rule 21(2)(iii)

Where only the telephone number and/or email address has changed, it is sufficient to indicate the new number and/or email address in a letter (the use of form DM/6 is not necessary).  Where this is the only change to be recorded, no fee is payable for the request.

Item 4:  Address for correspondence

Space is provided to indicate an address for correspondence, if any, and if different from the address of the holder indicated in item 2.  If this item is not completed, an address for correspondence which may already have been recorded in the International Register is automatically disregarded by the International Bureau.

Item 5:  Appointment of a representative

The holder may also, optionally, appoint a representative, simultaneously with the filing of the request for the recording of the change in the name and/or address of the holder.  Such appointment may be made by attaching form DM/6 to the appropriate power of attorney, or form DM/7, or by inserting the holder’s signature where indicated in item 6.

Rule 3(2)

Where there is no change in the representative already recorded, this item of the form should be left blank.

The observations made above in relation to change in ownership (concerning presentation of the request, irregularities, rectification and effect of the recording, notification and publication) apply in equal measure to requests for the recording of a change of name and/or address (refer to “Change in ownership”).

Item 6:  Signature by the holder or representative

The form should be signed or have a seal affixed and the identity of the signatory should be indicated.  There is also provision for an indication of the name of the person to be contacted, if necessary.  This may prove useful if, for example, the form is submitted in the name of a legal entity.

Rule 21(1)(b)(i)

Fee calculation sheet

A request to record a change in the name or address of the holder is subject to the payment of the fee specified in the Schedule of Fees.  Refer to the general remarks concerning payment of fees to the International Bureau (refer to “Payment of fees to the International Bureau”).

99 Article 16(3)Rule 21(2)(vi)

Irregular requests

If a request to record a change in name or address of the holder or representative does not comply with any of the applicable requirements, the International Bureau notifies that fact to the holder.  The irregularity may be remedied within three months from the date of the notification.  If this is not done, the request will be considered abandoned and any fee paid will be reimbursed to the party that paid it, after deduction of an amount corresponding to one half of the relevant fee.

Rule 21(4) and (5)

Recording, notification and publication

Provided that the request is in order, the International Bureau promptly records the change in the International Register and informs the holder.  The change is recorded as of the date of receipt by the International Bureau of the request complying with the applicable requirements.  Where however the request indicates that the change should be recorded after another change, or after renewal of the international registration, the International Bureau proceeds accordingly.

99 Article 16(4)Rule 21(6)

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