WIPO Connect

WIPO Connect is an IT solution, developed and offered by WIPO, aimed at facilitating the collective management of copyright and related rights, and including a local and a central module. WIPO Connect succeeds and replaces WIPOCOS.

Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) manage copyright and related rights on behalf of right holders.

CMOs establish and maintain networks to support accurate collection and distribution of royalties. A key concern for CMOs is the correct management of the vast amounts of data and information that they collect about their members, their works and other creative contributions.

Documentation is thus vital for a smooth functioning of CMOs at the national, regional, and the international level. CMOs need to collect information about right holders and works, such as identifiers, names and pseudonyms, titles, shares, sub-publishing and licensing agreements. This information allows CMOs to collect royalties and distribute them to right holders.

WIPO Connect provides an efficient, well-suited, and customizable solution, aimed at facilitating CMOs’ day-to-day operations and their cooperation with CMOs from other countries.

WIPO Connect works on two levels:

  • WIPO Connect Local is the web application used for day to day operations, either installed on a local server or hosted in the cloud ;
  • WIPO Connect Shared is a fully cloud based solution, synchronizing WIPO Connect Local implementations and exchanging data with industry data sources.

WIPO Connect Local

  • Registration of right holders;
  • Management of documentation: works, performances, and sound recordings;
  • Management of licensing agreements;
  • Identification and matching of works which have been used, providing usage reports or data capture;
  • Distribution reports providing the amount of royalties to be distributed to right holders based on usage, documentation, and local parameters.

WIPO Connect Shared

  • Synchronization in the cloud of WIPO Connect Local implementations;
  • Submission of documentation to industry databases and retrieving information for synchronization;
  • Facilitating and automatizing the assignment of industry identifiers;
  • Dissemination of local repertoires to foreign CMOs.

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