WIPO Connect

WIPO Connect is an interconnected system for the collective management of author and neighboring rights.

It enables collective management organizations (CMOs) to locally manage their operations and to connect to regional and international networks for work and distribution data exchanges.

Currently a work in progress, a pilot version of WIPO Connect will be launched for testing in selected CMOs during the 2014/2015 biennium and further developed and eventually deployed in the years to follow.

WIPO Connect is a system that enhances global data and rights flows in beneficiary CMOs. (Image: WIPO)

WIPO Connect in depth

The goals of the new WIPO Connect are to: 1) enable the integration of CMOs with regional and global networks for the exchange of documentation and distribution data, and 2) improve the efficiency of local CMO operations.

The WIPO Connect system will operate on three different levels:

  • A local level, grouping local business-related functionalities. This level can be used independently from the other two levels;
  • A shared level, grouping all of the shared documentation, membership, and distribution functionalities;
  • An international level, grouping all of the functionalities related to international operations, connectivity, and data exchange.

At the local level (country-wide operations), the project will deliver a flexible system that meets current needs and that will remain relevant in a rapidly changing business environment (“fragmentation of repertoire”, increasing usage volumes etc.). At the international level (regional and global operations), the project will deliver a system that allows secure interactions with the main existing regional and international databases. This functionality will give CMOs a truly global reach.

A WIPO Wiki exists for CMOs and others involved with the WIPO Connect project.

Access the WIPO Connect Wiki page

Three-level logical architecture of WCC
Three-level logical architecture of WIPO Connect. (Image: WIPO)

History of the project

For many years, WIPO has provided a copyright management software for CMOs free of charge. This software was known as WIPOCOS and it was made available in particular to least developed countries (LDCs) and low-income developing countries. The system was designed primarily to facilitate the management of copyright in the musical sphere.

Acknowledging the need for important improvements in the functionality and technology of WIPOCOS identified by CMOs, in the program and budget for the 2014/2015 biennium PDF, WIPO program and budget WIPO member states allocated funding to develop a new software platform to replace WIPOCOS.

WIPO Connect will include existing business features available under WIPOCOS as well as incorporate wider-ranging rights and functionalities, designed to give CMOs using the software a global reach.

Business expert group

The WIPO Connect Business Expert Group (BEG) is made up of targeted users of WIPO Connect (representatives of volunteering CMOs) and business partners (representatives of international organizations and interested companies). The BEG is responsible for:

  • defining the business requirements of the system;
  • identifying emerging business needs and prioritizing features;
  • supervising data related activities (data quality rule definition, migration activities, de-duplication, etc.);
  • providing guidance and business expertise for the deployment and operational phases.

The BEG meets regularly to discuss the WIPO Connect project and undertake related activities.

BEG members can make use of a private, online Wiki workspace.

Access the WIPO Connect BEG Wiki page