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WIPO Global Awards

WIPO's Global Awards program recognizes exceptional enterprises and individuals using intellectual property (IP) to make a positive impact - both at home and beyond their own borders.

The Global Awards program is rooted in WIPO’s mission to ensure a world where innovation and creativity from anywhere is supported by intellectual property for the good of everyone. The awards recognize and support those whose skills contribute to progress and improve other people’s lives.

Each year, a diverse, independent seven-person international jury with expertise in IP, innovation and business will evaluate a group of self-nominated candidates from WIPO's Member States.

About the Inaugural WIPO Global Awards: SMEs

IP in its different forms, ranging from patents and trademarks to industrial designs and copyright, is of immense significance for the economic, social and cultural development of society.

SMEs make up a large share of economies, whether in developed or less developed countries, and are a critical source of innovation and creativity across all sectors, markets and aspects of life.

The WIPO Global Awards Program recognizes the central role of innovative and creative activities of SMEs and recognizes those that have used IP rights to develop solutions that have made a positive contribution to society, economically, socially, or culturally.

The WIPO Global Awards is a free competition, participants will not be charged.

Yes. The first WIPO Global Awards is open to SMEs. A Special Global Awards for Youth and Women is planned.

Contender fills in the WIPO Global Awards for SMEs online application form

WIPO Global Awards application deadline:

March 14, 2022

The applications for 2022 are now closed.

The first WIPO Global Awards is open to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Find out why you should participate.

What will the WIPO Global Awards winners receive:

The WIPO Global Awards honorees will receive a number of privileges including:

International promotion, recognition, and visibility.

Attendance at the Awards ceremony.

A personalized mentorship program for IP commercialization.

A sponsorship program to facilitate access to funding and partnership opportunities.

Who can enter the WIPO Global Awards for SMEs

The competition is open to SMEs worldwide. Pursuant to the definition of the World Bank, SMEs are those “enterprises that encompass up to 300 employees and up to 15 US$ millions of total annual sales”.

Evaluation criteria for the WIPO Global Awards

Successful commercialization of IP, a winning criteria of the WIPO Global Awards

Successful Commercialization of IP

The SME demonstrated an understanding and ability to protect, manage, commercialize and use IP rights (or combinations of such rights), as well as other intangible assets such as data, to achieve business and/or corporate objectives.

Green farming, a positive impact on society and a winning criteria of the WIPO Global Awards

Positive Impact on Society

The SME has clearly made a positive economic, social, or cultural impact at the regional or international level.

Diversity of the WIPO Global Awards contenders

Diversity of the Award Contenders

In the selection process, the jury will take into consideration the need for diversity in terms of geographical representation, country of origin development levels and gender composition of the contenders.

Nomination process of the WIPO Global Awards

The nomination process of the WIPO Global Awards program includes four different stages:

1. Open for Submissions
December 15, 2021

Submissions should be sent via the online form in one of the six UN official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian or Spanish).

Participants should explain in particular how the IP is used to leverage corporate success, including the economic/social/cultural impact, and the efforts made to promote gender equality and deal with development challenges.

2. Submissions closing
March 14, 2022

The WIPO Secretariat will draw a shortlist of up to 20 nominees from all proposals received in time.

The 20 nominees will be announced on the WIPO Global Awards web page.

3. Jury meeting
June 2022

WIPO will appoint an international jury of high-level personalities renowned for their achievement on the global scene, with knowledge of IP, representing technology, business, creative industries, government and civil society.

Members of the jury will be appointed beginning of 2022.

The international jury will select 5 winners.

4. Ceremony
July 2022

Official announcement of the 5 winners.

The five winners, members of the jury, sponsors, mentors and other high level participants will be invited to join the Awards Ceremony, to be held as a special event of the WIPO General Assembly in July 2022.

WIPO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disregard any submission that does not comply with the present Rules or, in the opinion of the WIPO, has been entered fraudulently, abusively or that may be contrary to the good name or reputation of the WIPO.

Download the Global Awards rules PDF, Global Awards rules for more information.