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WIPO Global Awards cover picture

WIPO Global Awards 2024 competition is underway: Meet the 2024 Finalists!

Twenty-five small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups from around the world are finalists to become one of the eight winners for the 2024 WIPO Global Awards!

For this year's competition we received 667 applications from 107 countries, representing various sectors including creative industries, food, environment, health, and more. The 25 finalists represent 19 countries from seven geographical regions, reflecting the global reach and diversity of the WIPO Global Awards.

The international jury will select the winners in the coming weeks. Winners will be privately notified in June, and the public announcement will take place at the awards ceremony on July 12, 2024, held during the WIPO General Assembly of Member States.

We congratulate all the finalists for their remarkable achievements and wish them the best of luck as they progress further in the competition. Stay tuned for more updates and the public announcement of the during the awards ceremony.



Republic of Korea
SME – Green tech

AETECH’s robot uses AI deep learning technologies to sort recyclable waste. It learns to accurately identify and categorize waste into 46 subcategories. This efficient solution can sort twice the amount of material a person can handle, offering municipalities and recycling sorting companies cost savings of up to 2.8 times compared to manual sorting. AETECH’s substantial IP portfolio will support their expansion from Korea into Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

BreastScreening AI logo

BreastScreening AI

Startup – ICT

BreastScreening AI is an advanced AI-powered system focused on early breast cancer detection by analyzing mammograms, MRI scans, and ultrasound images. It aims to provide accurate diagnostic assistance, envisioning a future where early detection is accessible and efficient. Central to its innovation and market entry are patented computational methods for lesion identification and assertiveness-based communication systems, ensuring unique, user-centric diagnostic solutions.

CMBlu Energy logo

CMBlu Energy

SME – Green energy technologies

CMBlu Energy pioneers safe, sustainable, and affordable energy storage solutions for renewables. Their success lies in developing a unique non-lithium battery system, poised to accelerate energy transition. This disruptive technology has versatile applications, spanning energy storage, transmission, distribution, peak shaving, and energy trading. From an intellectual property perspective, CMBlu has early-stage protection for electrolytes, electrodes, and key mechanical components of their battery technology, ensuring innovation safeguarding from the outset.

Craif logo


SME – Health

Craif specializes in early cancer detection through their unique machine learning system that analyzes urinary microRNA. Their innovative approach leverages proprietary technology to identify genetic markers associated with various types of cancer, enabling early diagnosis and improving patient outcomes. Craif’s technology stands out globally, with a focus on securing and leveraging patents to maintain competitiveness in healthcare and biotechnology. They lead in revolutionizing early cancer detection with their innovative, non-invasive urine-based biopsy technology. Utilizing advanced urinary microRNA measurement technology and a comprehensive database, they enable accurate, painless early cancer detection, fostering a healthier society.

EdukSine Production Corporation logo

EdukSine Production Corporation

Startup – Creative industries

Eduksine is a pioneering streaming platform and social enterprise dedicated to empowering independent Filipino filmmakers and producers by connecting them with audiences both locally and internationally. By leveraging technological expertise, EdukSine not only fosters job creation and economic growth within the entertainment industry but also promotes cultural appreciation and social cohesion in communities without access to cinemas, thus preserving Filipino heritage and values, using films as powerful tools for education, cultural awareness, and critical thinking. EdukSine safeguards its intellectual property through trademarked names, logos, and copyright protection

ELICO logo


SME – Environment

ELICO has developed innovative technologies for on-site and continuous water and soil quality monitoring. These advancements enable access to safe drinking water in rural areas and provide the agri-food industry with essential soil and water analyses to improve farm yields and reduce the use of fertilizers. With over 60 years in business, ELICO has been exporting from India to 26 countries, building its business development on a robust IP protection strategy. Through these efforts, ELICO plays a vital role in safeguarding water and soil resources and promoting sustainable environmental practices.

Farmer Life Line logo

Farmer Lifeline Technologies

Startup – Food

Farmer Lifeline’s agricultural robots use Machine Learning and AI algorithms to detect pests or pathogens in crops. These patented solar-powered devices are completely autonomous and can predict diseases associated with climatic heat waves. Remarkably affordable for farmers (only USD3 per subscription), this solution has already been used in over 5,100 farms in Kenya, saving more than USD690,000 in crop losses and increasing yield by USD780,000.

Francois Ier logo

Francois Ier

Burkina Faso
SME – Creative industries

François Ier embodies Burkina Faso's rich textile heritage and commitment to sustainable fashion. Inaugurating a textile factory in 2018, the company introduced Burkina Faso's first organic textile line, highlighting the traditional ‘faso dan fani’ fabric. Through artisanal craftsmanship and eco-conscious practices, François Ier promotes local employment and cultural preservation. Inspired by Burkina Faso's heritage, the brand offers high-quality, modern designs. Initiatives like the ‘faso dan fani’ label safeguard Burkina Faso's textile legacy and promote sustainable fashion both domestically and internationally.

Hangzhou Hyperchain Technology logo

Hangzhou Hyperchain Technology

Start-up – Green Energy

Hyperchain offers comprehensive blockchain solutions to enhance data security, interoperability, and efficiency in various sectors such as finance, government, supply chain management and energy. Hyperchain’s robust IP portfolio includes the Consortium Blockchain Platform, BitXMesh for secure data collaboration, BitXHub for inter-blockchain transactions and BlocFace for Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).

Ked Liphi logo

Ked Liphi

SME – Green Energy Technology

Ked-Liphi’s Chedza solar backpack brand uses solar panels, batteries and lamps to give kids a reliable and clean source of light for studying at night. The intellectual property lies in the unique solar energy storing, design, functionality, and adaptability of the backpack, allowing it to address diverse energy needs. This has been instrumental in attracting partnerships, including a collaboration with the U.S. Army, showcasing the global recognition and value of their IP.

Laboratorios Luar logo

Laboratorios Luar

SME – Health

Laboratorios Luar specializes in the development, production, and commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical products, particularly for complex and underserved conditions like Cystic Fibrosis. They have developed treatments for viral and bacterial pneumonias, and other respiratory conditions. Their dedication to research underscores their commitment to producing high-quality, therapeutically effective products. Laboratorios Luar's IP strategy focuses on robust protection of inventions through patents, utility models, and industrial designs, with an emphasis on comprehensive IP management guided by international standards.

Meticuly logo


SME – Health

Meticuly has created 3D printed bone replacements uniquely tailored to each patient. This cutting-edge solution employs an AI-powered CT scan to design titanium implants that perfectly fit any patient, significantly saving time and effort compared to traditional methods. The company has secured its intellectual property rights and ensured global operational freedom with 36 patents in 10 countries, 18 trademarks, over 15 trade secrets, and 2 copyrights.

Plant Origin logo

Plant Origin

Startup – Food

Plant Origin has created a vegan plant-based egg alternative by extracting unique protein sources from rice bran. By upcycling rice production, this egg substitute reduces natural resource usage (land, water, and energy use) by 98% compared to traditional egg production. The company’s precision hydrolysis and subcritical water technology used to extract the protein are at the core of its patents and trade secrets. Licensing opportunities are envisioned by the company to establish itself with a strong foothold in the plant-based industry.

Pluvi logo


Startup – Textiles, clothing, leather or footwear

Pluvi crafts innovative umbrellas with advanced materials and engineering, offering durability, wind resistance, and functionality. Their commitment to eco-sustainability is evident in their umbrellas made from 70% recycled and100% recyclable material. Through patented technology, Pluvi safeguards innovation, driving market adoption and brand reputation. Intellectual property is integral to Pluvi's journey, facilitating sustainable growth and addressing environmental challenges in the umbrella industry.

PONS Teknoloji logo

PONS Teknoloji

Startup – Health

PONS’s medical technology allows health professionals to unlock ultrasound imaging outside hospital settings. Knowing that 70% of chronic diseases and disabilities in the US could be solved by a simple ultrasound preventive care, this technology could mean a tremendous reduction in mortality and national healthcare costs if deployed massively. The patented image enhancement technology and AI-driven navigation system, supported by a large pharmaceutical company, can be featured on any device providing expert-level scan resolutions without requiring expensive new hardware.

16.	Preventix logo


Startup – Health

Preventix specializes in providing innovative healthcare solutions for cervical cancer screening. They have developed the only blood test on the market capable of detecting biomarkers related to cervical cancer and precancerous lesions. This groundbreaking technology, protected by 7 granted patents in 21 countries, offers a more accessible and less invasive screening option for women, especially those in remote or underserved areas. This innovation has earned the National Invention Award in Mexico, recognizing its potential impact on the health of millions of women.

Qnami logo


SME – Advanced Manufacturing and Technology

Qnami is a pioneer in quantum sensing and focuses on ultrasensitive magnetic imaging sensors, particularly in scanning probe microscopy. Leveraging quantum sensors made of synthetic diamonds, Qnami’s technology quantitatively measures magnetic properties across diverse materials, preserving their natural magnetic order and unveiling properties that could not be measured using other technologies. By harnessing quantum mechanics to control and measure the state of a single electron, Qnami is developing a fundamental new technology known as quantum sensing, with the aim of improving people's lives and the world at large. Qnami’s IP strategy focuses on securing key patents in scanning microscopy to protect groundbreaking research and facilitate sustained investments, blending trade secrets, trademarks, and patents to secure significant funding and market positioning.

RoboCT logo


SME – Health

RoboCT's Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Walking Rehabilitator aids mobility for patients with lower limb impairments. This advanced device uses intelligent control systems to mimic natural walking patterns, enhancing rehabilitation. With six patents and a strategic licensing approach, the company has successfully attracted investments and clients from numerous rehabilitation centers and hospitals. This has secured RoboCT a strong clinical reputation and significant brand influence.

ScansX logo


Startup – Health

ScansX is revolutionizing brain injury diagnostic procedures by replacing or complementing MRIs with a portable, non-invasive brain scanner that utilizes near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect early signs of brain hemorrhages and tumors. IP plays a significant role in the company strategy as it allows ScansX to leverage patents and trademarks through licensing agreements globally.

Sensio Air logo

Sensio Air

United Kingdom
SME – Health

Sensio AIR specializes in indoor air quality monitoring and management, offering innovative solutions to detect and analyze indoor air pollutants. Their technology provides real-time insights to improve air quality and ensure healthier indoor environments. SensioAIR's proprietary sensor technology, combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, accurately identifies a wide range of indoor allergens above 1 micron, including pollen, mold, dust mites, and animal dander. Results are provided instantly without consumables.

Shanghai Superhigh Environmental Technology logo


SME – Mobility

SimpleEnergy’s electric scooters offer longer ride durations thanks to innovative motor technologies and optimized battery systems (certified range of 212 km with battery capacity of 5 kWh). The company’s intellectual property focuses on the battery technologies, addressing mainstream ‘thermal runaway’ issues found in conventional Lithium-Ion batteries.

Smart Healing Medical logo

Healinno Tech

Startup – Health

Healinno Tech's intelligent image-guided automated waterjet surgical robot (metaFlow™) facilitates benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatments. IP-protected innovations, including multi-dimensional ultrasound image-based adaptive surgical planning, precise water jet control and automated surgical operation, establish a competitive market advantage for the company. With 94 million BPH patients worldwide expected to require surgery in the next decade, including 25 million Chinese patients, and only 500,000 surgeries currently performed annually in China, there is a significant unmet demand. Healinno Tech is well-positioned to lead in addressing this need, and is committed to allow more patients around the world to access high-quality, appropriate and affordable treatments through leading technology and innovation.

SYG Tech logo

SYG Tech

SME – Green Energy

SYG operates in IoT, solar tech, wind turbines, medical tech, and others, leveraging patented technologies such as the Robotic Vertigo Treatment System that made it into the “Top 10 ENT Solution Providers 2024” list of US based MedHealth Review magazine by treating BPPV with 96.7% success rate in average 20 minutes. On the sensor side, their award-winning Structural Health Monitoring sensor is recommended by the biggest airline manufacturer of the world for application into all civilian aircraft for structural health monitoring applications.

U-Tech Kitchen logo

U-Tech Kitchen

SME – Hospitality / Tourism

U-Tech Kitchen has developed advanced commercial kitchen robots and intelligent cooking software systems for chain restaurants. Their technologies enable clients to efficiently automate their operations, significantly reducing labor costs, energy consumption and food waste. U-Tech Kitchen has firmly implemented its international intellectual property strategy of ‘patents before products’ and has been expanding its overseas markets since 2013.

Smart Healing Medical logo

Vivo Surgical

SME – Health

Vivo Surgical develops medical devices that empower clinicians to work more safely and efficiently. The company’s mission is to make health technologies more accessible worldwide, and are leading the way with a novel endoscopic robot that has been designed to be a unique add-on to any endoscope on the market. This innovation transforms the endoscope into a high-precision surgical tool, enhancing the endoscopist's ability to perform complex gastrointestinal surgeries with greater ease and speed. Vivo Surgical’s strong IP foundations have propelled the company’s growth, enhancing its credibility and reputation among world-leading health systems and research institutes. This has resulted in a commercial and partnership presence in over 20 countries internationally since its founding in 2018.