Electronic Forum for Proposals for Change (PFCs) to the PCT E-Filing Standard

Modifications of the Administrative Instructions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) designed to enable the implementation of electronic filing and processing of international applications under the PCT first entered into force on January 7, 2002. The modifications added new Part 7 and new Annex F to the Administrative Instructions containing, respectively, the necessary legal framework and technical standard.

Change Procedure

A special change procedure for the proposal, consideration and implementation of future modifications of the standard is set out in section 2.5 of Annex F. This Web site, which comprises an electronic forum, has been created for the purpose of making and processing proposals, including consultation before modifications are implemented.

Proposals for Change (PFCs)

  • Proposals for change may be submitted via this Web site. Proposals for change are made available via the site in PFC files.
  • Comments on current PFCs may also be submitted via this Web site. PFC files are updated to include comments received by adding Annexes to the files.

Consultative Group

Section 2.5 provided for the establishment of the PFC Consultative Group which is particularly involved in the consideration of proposals for change. Persons representing any Office, PCT Authority, intergovernmental organization or non-governmental organization that is invited to participate in PCT meetings may join the Consultative Group at any time via this Web site.

General Inquiries

For any questions, please contact the PCT e-Services Help Desk.