Part 7 Task Force: Background Information

Document Reference
Report of the eighth session of the CWS CWS/8/24
Publication of the survey results on numbering systems of IP Offices CWS/8/9
Report of the seventh session of the CWS CWS/7/29
Questionnaire on Numbering of Published Documents and Registered Rights CWS/7/24
Results of the Survey on the Grant and Publication of SPCS and PTES CWS/7/23
Report on Task No. 50 CWS/7/22
Report of the sixth session of the CWS CWS/6/34
Report on Task No.50 by the Part 7 Task Force CWS/6/24 REV.2
Report of the fifth session of the CWS CWS/5/22
Questionnaire on Industrial Property Protection Extensions (IPPEs) CWS/5/13
Report on the Survey on Application and Priority Application Numbering Systems used by Industrial Property Offices in the past CWS/5/12
Report on Task No. 50 by the Part 7 Task Force CWS/5/11
Presentation on the use of WIPO Standards Presentation CWS/5/2 PDF
Report on the Survey on the Use of WIPO Standards CWS/5/2
Report of the reconvened fourth session of the CWS CWS/4BIS/16
Maintenance and update of Surveys published in the WIPO Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation CWS/4BIS/6
WIPO Standards List of WIPO Standards