Public Access to Patent Information Task Force: Background Information

Document Reference
Report of the eighth session of the CWS CWS/8/24
Report by the PAPI Task Force CWS/8/21
Publication of the survey results on public access to patent information, Part 1  CWS/8/10
Report of the seventh session of the CWS CWS/7/29
PAPI Task Force Proposal for a Questionnaire on providing access to Publicly Available Patent Information CWS/7/25
Report of the sixth session of the CWS CWS/6/34
Report on Task No.52 by the Public Access to Patent Information Task Force CWS/6/25
Report of the fifth session of the CWS CWS/5/22
Creation of a Task to Prepare Recommendations for National and Regional Patent Registers CWS/5/16
WIPO Standards List of WIPO Standards