Authority File Task Force: Background Information

Document Reference
Report of the eighth session of the CWS  CWS/8/24
Proposal for the revision of WIPO Standard ST.37 CWS/8/8
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Revision of WIPO Standard ST.37 CWS/7/17
Report on Task No.51 CWS/7/16
Report of the sixth session of the CWS CWS/6/34
Revision of WIPO Standard ST.37 CWS/6/19
Report on Task No. 51 by the Authority File Task Force CWS/6/18
Report of the fifth session of the CWS CWS/5/22
New WIPO Standard for an Authority File of Patent Documents Published by a Patent Office CWS/5/9
Report of the reconvened fourth session of the CWS CWS/4BIS/16
Creation of a Task to establish requirements for an authority file of patent documents issued by a patent Office CWS/4BIS/13
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