Legal Index of WIPO UDRP Panel Decisions

This Legal Index covers all WIPO UDRP decisions. New decisions are added as relevant. The Center also makes available a separate WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions, Third Edition.

Any time you select more than one category, the search result will yield ONLY those decisions that are indexed in ALL of the categories so selected.

  1. The principal purpose of the Index is to offer structured access to the large quantity of legal and other data contained in the WIPO Panel decisions under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP"). In order to maintain ease of access and to avoid needless duplication, the Index does not necessarily refer to all of the many decisions that may touch upon a certain issue. Rather, it provides an informative sample of decisions with regard to specific issues of interest.
  2. You may select more than one field at a time in "Decided cases by domain name categories"; likewise, you may select more than one field in "Legal index to decisions"; and you may also combine one or more fields in "Decided cases by domain name categories" with one or more fields in "Legal index to decisions". In all such cases, the resulting outcome will be limited to decisions that cover all of the combined criteria.
    e.g. A single search may combine "III.A. Authors" (under "Decided cases by domain name categories") and "II.A.1.i.(ii) Personal names / unregistered" (under "Legal index to decisions"). As a further example, a single search could combine "II.A.1.i.(ii) Personal names / unregistered" and "II.B.4.b. Fair use and Free Speech" (both under "Legal index to decisions").
  3. If you select a certain field, the search results for that level will be displayed by the sub-categories in the next lower level (if any).
    e.g. If you click only on "III. Individuals" (under "Decided cases by domain name categories"), the search results will display all cases under this field sorted by the sub-categories "III.A. Authors, III.B. Business, III.C. Entertainment, III.D. Media, III.E. Political, III.F. Sports".
    If, however, you are interested in "III.A. Authors" individuals and separately in "III.F. Sports" individuals, and you do not want other categories of Individuals mentioned in your search results, do a search for "III.A. Authors" and a separate search for "III.F. Sports". If you select both categories in a single search, the search result will yield only those decisions (if any) overlapping both categories.
  4. This Index is based on a review of all WIPO UDRP Panel decisions rendered to date. New decisions are being added continuously.

Decided WIPO cases by domain name categories

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Legal Index to WIPO panel decisions

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