RDRP Complaint Filing Guidelines

This page is merely provided as a matter of historical record.

Submit an RDRP Complaint

RDRP Complaints must be filed with all of the following (details provided below):

1) the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center
2) the Respondent to the Complaint
3) the Registrar(s) concerned

Submit a Complaint to the Center

The Complaint must be submitted to the Center in electronic form.

  • The Complainant may download and complete the model Complaint (RDRP) as a Word document to submit as an email attachment to an e-mail to domain.disputes@wipo.int.
  • The Complaint as submitted to the WIPO Center should state that a copy of the Complaint (including the RDRP Complaint Transmittal Coversheet [ Word or pdf]) has been forwarded to the Respondent in accordance with UDRP Rules, para. 2(b). (In cases where cyber flight (e.g. the transfer of a disputed domain name to a different registrant to frustrate or avoid RDRP proceedings) may be a risk, Complainants may wish to contact the WIPO Center prior to filing or forwarding copies of their Complaint.
  • The Complaint as submitted to the WIPO Center should also state that a copy of the Complaint has been forwarded to the concerned registrar(s). Certain registrars have established specific contact details that should be used for these purposes, which may be obtained by contacting the registrar(s) in question.
  • The Complaint and all annexes should be submitted electronically, taking guidance as to file size and format modalities as specified in Annex E of the WIPO Supplemental Rules.
  • The required payment should be made to the WIPO Center, as specified in Annex D of the WIPO Supplemental Rules, and we would also ask that you inform the Center as to how such payment is being made. Please note that in cases where payment is to be made by Credit Card, Credit Card information should not be included in the Complaint itself or in any covering emails to the Center. (Payment by credit card should be made using the WIPO Center's secure online payment facility. For payment-related queries or difficulties, please call (+41 22) 338 8247.)

Additional information

The following documents should be consulted in connection with preparing and filing a Complaint:

Questions concerning the filing requirements may be sent by e-mail to domain.disputes@wipo.int.