Response Filing Guidelines

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (Center) has prepared a Model Response intended to serve as a guide for the preparation of a Response under the Rules of procedure for dispute resolution proceedings for .ch and .li domain names (the Rules of Procedure).

Important note: If you do not wish to submit a Response, please inform the Center nevertheless whether you are prepared to participate in a Conciliation conference with a Conciliator and the Claimant to resolve the dispute, see paras. 16-18 of the Rules of Procedure.

Filing Guidelines

  • Submit the Response to the Center in electronic form as an attachment to an e-mail sent to The attachment should be submitted as a Word document, Word Perfect document, PDF file, text file or RTF file. Annexes to the Response that are not available in electronic format need not be submitted.
  • Send the four (4) hard copies, including one signed original, of the Response and annexes by postal mail or courrier (including any attachments not available in electronic format):
    WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center
    34 chemin des Colombettes
    1211 Geneva 20
    Tel.: (+41 22) 338 8247 or 0800 888549
    Fax: (+41 22) 740 3700 or 0800 888550
  • Send a copy of the Response directly to the Claimant (paragraph 6(g)(iii) Rules of Procedure).
  • You are not required to pay a fee. Except for exceptional circumstances specified in the Rules of Procedure and in the WIPO Schedule of Fees for .ch and .li, the procedural fees are to be paid solely by the Claimant.

Additional information

The following documents can be consulted in connection with preparing and filing a Response:

Questions concerning the filing requirements may be sent by e-mail to