Request Preparation and Filing

Filing Guidelines

  • Submit the Request and any annexes available in electronic format by e-mail to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (Center). In order to faciliate your filing, you may download and complete the model Request as a Word document and submit it as an email attachment to an e-mail to
  • Send four (4) hard copies, including one signed original, of the Request and annexes by postal mail or courier service to:
    WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center
    34 chemin des Colombettes
    1211 Geneva 20
    Tel.: (+41 22) 338 8247
    Fax: (+41 22) 740 3700
  • You are not required to send the Request directly to the Respondent.
  • Submit the required payment of the Conciliation Fee to the Center, as specified in the WIPO Schedule of Fees for .ch and .li; if payment is being submitted by check, it should be included with the hard copies (see above). If payment is not being submitted with the hardcopies, inform the Center as to how payment is being made.

Important note: Please state in the Request whether you wish to apply for the appointment of an Expert in the event that the Respondent does not participate in a conciliation or if conciliation does not lead to a settlement. Please note that this application cannot be made at a later stage in the proceedings. If your request does not contain an application for the appointment of an Expert, the proceedings will be terminated if no conciliation takes place or if any conciliation that does take place does not lead to a settlement. If you have made such an application, the Center will invite you to confirm your application and to pay the Expert Determination Fee in accordance with the WIPO Schedule of Fees for .ch and .li (see Paragraph 19 of the Rules of Procedure). If you have made the required payment, the Center will appoint an Expert who will then decide whether your Request can be granted.

Additional information

The following documents should be consulted in connection with preparing and filing a Request:

Questions concerning the filing requirements may be sent by e-mail to