Other Specialized Dispute Resolution Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures are increasingly being tailored to specific types of disputes, such as disputes arising in a specific business or industry sector (e.g. Internet and Application Service Providers), for a specific type of transaction (e.g. online licensing) or for a specific subject matter (e.g. cybersquatting). Specialized procedures become part of the legal and business standards of the sector they designed for, and result in efficiency gains through standardization and streamlined procedures.

The Center has been involved in the development of various such tailor-made procedures. The most prominent example is the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) which is based on recommendations made by WIPO to address certain abusive practices in the domain name system. The Center has also developed a set of dispute avoidance and resolution best practices for Application Service Providers and provides a Keyword Dispute Resolution Service to resolve disputes that may arise concerning the registration of keywords.

The Center is available to discuss with interested entities the development of tailor-made procedures.