MCST-WIPO Collaboration: Mediation for International Copyright and Content-related Disputes

A framework for collaboration between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) of the Republic of Korea and WIPO has been established upon the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2018. Under the MOU, MCST and the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (WIPO Center) established a joint dispute resolution procedure to facilitate the mediation of international copyright and content-related disputes in the Republic of Korea. Effective May 1, 2019, parties to such disputes can benefit from a Mediation Promotion Scheme, which will help fund their mediation costs.

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Copyright and Content-related Disputes

Disputes in this area may be related to broadcasting, co-production, distribution, entertainment, film and media, ICT, licensing, music, TV formats, software, video games, and copyright infringement. MCST and WIPO offer a voluntary mediation option to parties to resolve these disputes through mediation under the WIPO Mediation Rules.

MCST-WIPO Mediation Promotion Scheme: Free WIPO Mediation from December 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021

As part of the MCST-WIPO collaboration, parties to international copyright and content-related disputes involving at least one party domiciled in the Republic of Korea can benefit from a Mediation Promotion Scheme, which can fund their mediation costs. To further encourage the use of mediation during COVID-19 pandemic, WIPO and MCST are offering to cover the full cost of WIPO Mediation until May 31, 2021 as follows:

Administration Fee Mediator’s Fees Funding Party Lawyers' Fees
(Max. 50% of Total Lawyers' Fees)
Fully covered
(USD 25 per party)
Fully covered
(USD 2,000 per case)
Up to USD 1,500 per party
  • The Mediation Promotion Scheme may fund up to 10 cases until May 31, 2021.
  • The fees of the mediator shall be fixed by the WIPO Center pursuant to Article 23 of the WIPO Mediation Scheme.
  • To claim funding for its lawyers’ fees, parties must disclose the lawyers’ fees relating to the dispute. The Mediation Promotions Scheme may fund up to USD 3,000 per case.

WIPO Mediation Services

  • Administration of Disputes

A party that wishes to propose submitting a dispute to WIPO Mediation may submit a request to the WIPO Center by email to, and to the other party.

Download MCST-WIPO Request for Mediation

The WIPO Center will then contact the parties regarding the next steps of the procedure, the fees and the appointment of the mediator. The parties are free to identify themselves a suitable candidate for such appointment. The WIPO Center is available to assist with the provision of a shortlist of qualified mediator candidates. The parties are also free to determine where they want WIPO Mediation proceedings to take place.

In its role as administering institution, the WIPO Center maintains strict neutrality and independence.

  • MCST-WIPO Panel of Mediators for Copyright and Content-related Disputes

Effective proceedings to a large extent depend on the quality of the mediator. MCST and the WIPO Center maintain an indicative Panel of Mediators with expertise in copyright and content-related rights. They can be appointed in WIPO mediations by parties but parties are also free to select mediators from outside the MCST-WIPO Panel.

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