Role of the Center

Case Administration

To facilitate the resolution of intellectual property disputes, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center:

  • Helps parties submit existing disputes to WIPO procedures in cases where they had not previously agreed on a WIPO clause.
  • Assists in the selection of mediators, arbitrators and experts from the Center’s database of over 2000 neutrals with expertise in intellectual property disputes.
  • Sets the neutrals’ fees, after consultations with the parties and the neutrals, and administers the financial aspects of the proceedings.
  • Liaises with parties and neutrals to ensure optimal communication and procedural efficiency.
  • If the parties wish, arranges for meeting support services, including hearing rooms and caucus rooms. Where the procedure is held at WIPO in Geneva, the rooms are provided free of charge. A charge is made for any other support services that may be required. This charge is separate from the Center’s administrative fee.
  • Makes available at no cost to interested parties online case administration options, including an online docket and online tools for meetings and hearings.


To assist in the provision of time and cost efficient proceedings, the Center makes available at the parties' option the WIPO eADR. WIPO eADR, which is accessible through the Center’s web site, allows for secure filing, storing and retrieval of case-related submissions in an electronic docket, by parties, neutral(s) and the Center, from anywhere in the world. WIPO eADR also facilitates case management for all actors in a WIPO proceeding by providing, in addition to the online docket, a case overview, time tracking and finance information.

While WIPO eADR is available only to parties to a WIPO procedure, the Center, under certain circumstances, makes available this facility in non-WIPO procedures. For example, the Center provides a customized version of WIPO eADR for use by the America’s Cup Arbitration Panel of the 36th edition of the America’s Cup international yachting competition, which will culminate in the final regattas in Auckland, New Zealand in March 2021. In a letter to the WIPO Center, the ACAP members and secretary note their positive experience managing ACAP cases to date using WIPO eADR.

Other Services

In addition to its role in administering disputes under WIPO procedures, the Center provides the following services: