WIPO Japan Office and IP for Business Division Organise an International Symposium

December 14, 2021

WIPO Japan Office and IP for Business Division have jointly organized an online symposium, supported by the Japan Patent Office and with financing from the Funds-In-Trust Japan Industrial Property Global. The event took place for the duration of two days on 2 and 3 December 2021 and was attended by the total of 536 participants from over 30 member states. Developing countries constituted about half of those states.

As Japan is about to enter into the second decade since the enactment of Intellectual Property Basic Act, Japan stands at the juncture to revisit how IP has impacted individual company, industry and national economy, to share the experience and to be yet more creative to add value to IP in the post-pandemic era. The event explored IP roles and strategies from perspectives of “global competitiveness”, “open innovation” and “SDGs” and enjoyed presentations and panel discussion by valuable speakers including corporate executives and founders, industry leaders, senior management of SME intermediary, patent attorney, editorial board member of major newspapers from inside and outside Japan, as well as WIPO introducing its tools and newly launched interactive digital story.

Throughout the event, following issues were discussed;

  • IP ecosystem and Intellectual creative cycle
  • Startups ecosystem
  • Tools that can help SMEs navigate through IP complexity
  • IP-oriented and entrepreneurial mindset
  • IP thinking and entrepreneurship
  • Dos and Don’ts of IP management
  • IP partnership
  • IP and environment
  • Focus on innovation and IP roles
  • Practical advice

All presentations are available at the event webpage.

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