Meeting Between JPO Commissioner Mori and WJO Director Sawai

August 10, 2021

On July 30, 2021, Mr. Kiyoshi Mori, Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office, visited WIPO Japan Office and had a meeting with Mr. Sawai, Director of WIPO Japan Office.

JPO Commissioner Mori (right) and WJO Director Sawai (left) at the meeting. (Photo: WIPO Japan Office)
JPO Commissioner Mori (center right) and WJO Director Sawai (center left). Commissioner Mori holds the WIPO GREEN - Year in Review 2020 in his hand. (Photo: WIPO Japan Office)

At the meeting, Director Sawai explained the role of WIPO Japan Office and the challenges it faces, and a positive discussion was held on future cooperation between the JPO and WIPO Japan Office. In particular, with regard to WIPO GREEN, Director Mori expressed his active support in his inaugural address, and it was confirmed that the JPO and WIPO Japan Office will deepen their cooperation in order to further promote and develop WIPO GREEN.

WIPO Japan Office will continue to actively engage in activities to promote and raise awareness of intellectual property in close cooperation with relevant organizations.