Mr. MORI Kiyoshi Appointed as Commissioner of the JPO, Mentioning to Its Active Support for WIPO GREEN

July 1, 2021

As of July 1, Mr. MORI Kiyoshi has been appointed as Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and expressed its active support for initiatives of WIPO GREEN.

In assuming office, the Commissioner stated “the JPO is committed to contributing to the resolution of social issues by appropriately protecting intellectual property (IP), which is the driving force behind innovation, and promoting the creation of innovation,” as well as expressing its “active support for initiatives for WIPO GREEN, a platform for green technology exchange.

Having joined WIPO GREEN as a partner in February 2020, the JPO has been making efforts to promote and raise awareness among Japanese IP users to facilitate technology transfer of green technologies.

The WIPO Japan Office will continue to cooperate with the Japanese government to actively promote activities such as raising awareness of IP, encouraging the use of the international application systems, and disseminating WIPO initiatives such as WIPO GREEN.


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