Hague Registry

The Hague Registry is responsible for the management and development of the Hague System. The Hague System is based on an international registration treaty that allows users to seek protection for their industrial designs in the various contracting parties by means of a single application filed directly with WIPO's International Bureau, and to subsequently manage those rights under a single title, recorded centrally in the International Register.

Our activities include:

  • Running operations under the Hague Agreement, from the examination of new applications to the publication of the ensuing international registrations and of subsequent changes made to them.
  • Working on the constant improvement in service, geographical expansion and legal development of the Hague System.
  • Providing information on and promoting the Hague System to users and other stakeholders, notably local governments and offices.

Responsible for:


Photo: Grégoire BISSON

Director: Grégoire BISSON

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