More than 250 Submissions Received on AI and IP Policy Public Consultation

February 20, 2020

WIPO has received more than 250 responses to its call for public comment on a Draft Issues Paper on Intellectual Property Policy and Artificial Intelligence, with submissions collected from a wide array of stakeholders from across the globe.

We are pleased by the support that WIPO has received so far in this process. Both member states and other stakeholders have welcomed the paper with great interest and named the questions raised as a thorough foundation for the future discussions and an important step in the exchange of ideas on AI and IP policy.

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry

In December 2019, WIPO issued its call for comment as the latest step in the Organization’s efforts to help provide focus to the conversation around AI and IP policy. The submission period for this draft issues paper issued closed on February 14, 2020.

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Selected comments from respondents

This is a timely effort by WIPO to invite opinions from all over the world, forming an important foundation for future discussion.

Japan Intellectual Property Association

The WIPO AI issues paper is an important step in the exchange of ideas in this fast-paced, dynamic, and challenging area.

Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom (UKIPO)

The draft issues paper covers in detail important subjects to consider.

European Union and its Member States

We strongly believe that for the global south countries, the conversation and priority should significantly focus on their institutional and infrastructural capacities as this affects the adoption of AI and AI inventions.

CIPIT-Strathmore Law School, Kenya

The following comments are intended to add context to the already comprehensive list of issues outlined in the Issues paper.

Enterprise Ireland

This timely Consultation underscores the importance of frank and open conversations on how our IP system should adapt in the face of AI advances.

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

We welcome WIPO’s initiative in preparing a working document that allows analyzing the new realities facing intellectual property, including specifically, artificial intelligence.

Kresalja IP, Law firm, Peru

We believe that the questions outlined in the draft issue paper, particularly with regards to Issue 7: Infringement and Exceptions, are important and well-articulated.

News Media Alliance

We would like to congratulate the WIPO Secretariat for collecting a comprehensive catalogue of issues already.

Shell International BV

Next steps

A revised issues paper taking into account the comments received will now be prepared. The revised issues paper will form the basis of the second session of the WIPO Conversation on IP and AI, to be held in Geneva on May 11 and 12, 2020.

If you did not take part in this consultation process, but you would still like to be informed of developments in the policy discussions around AI and IP, please contact us.


In September 2019, WIPO held a Conversation on IP and Al bringing together member states and other stakeholders to discuss the impact of Al on IP policy, with a view to collectively formulating the questions that policymakers need to ask.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Gurry announced that WIPO would commence an open process to develop a list of issues concerning the impact of Al on IP policy that might form the basis of future structured discussions.