Third Act to Amend the Judicial Officers Act and Other Acts



Third Law
to Amend the Judicial Officers Law and Other Laws

of 6 August 1998

The Federal Parliament has passed the tollowing Law:

Article 1 ..•

Article 2a ..•

Article 2f
to the Patent Law

The first sentence of Section 81 (7) of the Patent Law, ,in the version promulgated


on 16 December 1980 (Federal Law Gaz~tte 198"1 I page 1), last amended by Article 2 of the Law of 16 July 1998 (Federal Law Gazette I, page 1827), shall be worded as follows:

"Plaintiffs who are not ordinarily resident in a Member State of the European Union

or in a Contracting State of the Convention Concerning the European Economic ~rea.

shall furnish, at the defendant's request, securi~ for the costs of the proceedings; . , Section 110 (2), items 1 to 3, of the Code of Civtl Procedure shall apply mutatis


Article 29 ...

Article 3
Entry into Force

(1) This Law shall enter into force on 1 October 1998. The c,?nstitutional rights of the Federal Council have been heeded.

. .

The 'above Law is hereby executed and promulgated in the Federal Law Gazette.
Berlin, 6 August 1998
Th e Fed era
I Pre s i·d e n t
Rom a n Her zO.9
The·Deputy Federal Chancellor

Ki n ke I
The-Federal Minister of Justice

S .C h mid t -J 0 r t z i 9