Act to Amend the Act to Reform the Professional Law of Attorneys-at-Law and Patent Attorneys



to Amend the Law to Reform
the Profess.ional Law of Attorneys-at"law and Patent Attorneys

of 17 December 1999

The Federal Parliamen.t [Bundestag] has adopted the following Law:

Article 1

The Law to Amend the Law to '-Reform th~ Professional Law of Attomey~":at-Ia~ and Patent Attorneys of 2-~eptember 1994 (Federal La~ Gazette .I.p. 2278) shall be am.ended as follows:

2, Article 14 shall be worded as follows:

'Article 14


Amendment 'of the Trade Mark Law

Section 140 subsection 3 of the Trade Mark Law c:>f 25 October 1994 (Federal Law -Gazette' I p. 308?,' 1995 I p. 156), last amended by Article 5 of the Law of·16 j~ly 1998

. .

(Federal Law Gazette I p. 1827) shall be worded as follows:'

"(3) If a.n appeal 6n points,ot' fact and law is filed in respect of-a decision by a cOClrt with competence for litigation concerning' signs, the parties may also be repre~ented before the appellate court by attorneys-at-law a'dmittedt'o practice in the Higher District Court [Oberlandesgericht] before' which the appeal, in the absence of a designation under s~bsection (2), would be heard," ,



Article 2

This Act shall ent~r into force on the day following promulgation.

The constitutional rights of the Federal Council [BimdesraO have been heeded. The above Law is hereby executed and promulgated in the Federal Law,"(3azette.

Berlin, 17 December 1'999
The Federal President
Johannes Rau'
The Federal Chancellor

Gerhard Schroder

The Federal Minister of Justice,