The Registered Designs (Amendment) Act, 1987 (Act No. 25 of 1987)



Registered DesignB [No. 15 of 1987 191




No. ~5 of 1987


Da.te of Assent: 28th December, 1987
An Act to amend the Registered Designs Act
[ 31st December, 1987
ENAarED by the Parliament of Zambia. Enactment
1. This Act may be cited as the Registered Designs (Amendment) Act, 1987, and shall be read as one with the Registered Designs Act, in this Act referred to a,s the principal Act. Tltlo Cap. 696
2. '1'he principal Act is amended by the insertion irnmediately after section thi"leen of the following new section: lJ.RllI"t1on of II6OMon

13A. (1) In this section- ARIPO

, industrial

"ARIPO" mefLT1S the African Regional Industrial doetgna Proporty Orgnniflll.Lioll, formerly known 1\8 the Industrial Property Organisation for EnglishSpeaking Africa (ESARIPO), which was established, under the former name, by an agreement adopted at Lusaka on 9th December, 1976; and
"ARIPO Protocol" means the Protocol on Patents and Industrial Designs within the Framework of ARIPO, adopted at Harare on 10th December, 1982.
Where an industrial design has been registered by ARIPO under section 4 (7) of tho ARIPO Protocol and the Registrar has not objected, under section 4 (3) of the Protocol, to the industrial design having effect in Zambia, the design shall for all purposes be deemed to have been registered under this Act.
An industrial design shall not he deemed to have been registered under this section if, under section 4 (3) of the ARIPO Protocol, the Registrar objects to its havillg c(re(~L ill ~IUllbia,.

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