Act (1994:1511) Amending the Patents Act




(Act 1994:1511 of December 16, 1994)

In accordance with the decision by the Parliament it is, as regards the Patents Act (1967:837), prescribed

that Articles 107 to 114 shall no longer apply, and

that Articles 105 and 106 shall read as follows.

Article 105. Anyone who applies for additional protection of a pharmaceutical product under the European Community Regulation (EEG) No 1768/92 of June 18, 1992, on additional protection for pharmaceutical products shall pay the prescribed application fee.

Also the annual fee shall be paid in respect of such additional protection. The year for which the fee shall be paid shall be calculated from the date on which the protection commenced and thereafter from the corresponding date.

Article 106. The provisions of Chapter 9 on liability shall apply also to the additional protection.

1. This Act enters into force on the same date as the Act concerning the accession of Sweden to the European Union.

2. The provisions earlier in force apply as regards any additional protection granted before the entry into force.