Law 2359/1995 (Art. 9) Amending Law No. 1733/1987



Hellenic Bank for Industrial Development (ETVA)

The following article is added:

  1. The duration of the patents granted pursuant to Law 2527/1920 “on Patents” is extended and shall remain in force on the 1.1.1996 until the completion of twenty years as of the day of regular filing of the application for grant of a patent. Regulations related to fees are also applicable to these patents.
  2. Article 25.1.3 of Law 1733/1987 on “Inventions, Technology Transfer, and Technological Innovation” is amended as follows: “Patents granted on the basis of these applications and patents already granted prior to the entry into force of the present law shall be regulated by the dispositions of the present law and any possible acquired rights shall be reserved.”
  3. Article 25.1..4 of Law 1733/1987 on “Technology Transfer and Technological Innovation” is repealed.
  4. Article 13.2.3 of Law 1733/1987 on “Technology Transfer, Inventions, and Technological Innovations” is amended as follows: “The regulation* of item 1 above shall not apply to products imported from Member States of the European Union and Member States of the World Trade Organisation.”
  5. The present article shall enter into force as of 1.1.1996.

The Minister for Industry, Energy, and Technology) (signature)

* disposition

GR006EN Patents, Law (Art. 9) (Amendment), 1995, No. 2359 page 1/1