United Kingdom

The Patent Office (Address)(Revocation) Rules 1999 (S.I. 1999/1993)



The Patent Office (Address) (Revocation) Rules 1999


13th July 1999

Laid before Parliament

14th July 1999

Coming into force

10th August 1999

The Secretary of State, in exercise of the powers conferred upon him by section 78(1) of the Trade Marks Act 1994(a), section 36(1) of the Registered Designs Act 1949(b), and section 123(1) of, and paragraph 14 of Schedule 4 to, the Patents Act 1977(c), hereby makes the following Rules:-

1. These Rules may be cited as the Patent Office (Address) (Revocation) Rules 1999 and shall come into force on 10th August 1999.

2. The Patent Office (Address) Rules 1991(d) are hereby revoked.

Kim Howells,

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for

Competition and Consumer Affairs,

Department of Trade and Industry

13th July 1999


(This note is not part of the Rules)

These Rules revoke the Patent Office (Address) Rules 1991 (S.I. 1991/675).

As a result of changes to county boundaries in Wales, for the purposes of these Rules the county of Gwent no longer exists, Consequently, the Patent Office address is incorrectly defined in the Patent Office (Address) Rules 1991 (S.I. 1991/675). The Manchester branch of the Trade Marks Registry no longer exists, and the address of the Patent Office's London office has also changed from that prescribed in the 1991 Rules. The Secretary of State considers that it is no longer expedient for the Patent Office address to be prescribed in Rules. The address of the Patent Office is printed on the Patent Office forms and other Patent Office stationery, and is published in the Trade Marks Journal, the Patents and Designs Journal and other Patent Office literature. This statutory instrument does not impose any burdens or introduce benefits for business and so a Regulatory Impact Assessment is not considered appropriate.

(a) 1994 c. 26

(d) S.I. 1991/675