Constitution of Qatar

Year of Version:2004
Date of Entry into Force:August 30, 2004
Date of Text (Adopted):June 8, 2004
Type of Text:Constitution / Basic Law
Subject Matter:Other
Qatar's first provisional system of governance was established in 1970. This system was revised in 1972 after the national independence. On 8, June 2004, the Emir of Qatar issued the Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar.
According to Article 1 'Qatar is an independent Arab country. Islam is its religion and Sharia law is the main source of its legislation'. Qatar's Head of State is the Emir and his position is hereditary. He is responsible for the ratification and promulgation of laws.
The Constitution does not contain any provision that specifically recognizes and guarantees the protection of intellectual property rights. However, article 27 of the Constitution recognizes the right to private property and article 24 protects and encourages the dissemination of arts, science, national and cultural heritage.
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دستور دولة قطر دستور دولة قطر, Complete document (pdf) [174 KB]


Constitution of Qatar Constitution of Qatar, Complete document (pdf) [231 KB] Constitution of Qatar, Complete document (htm) [107 KB] (Version with Automatic Translation Tool)

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