Communications Act, 2009 (Act No. 8 of 2009)

Year of Version:2009
Date of Entry into Force:November 16, 2009
Date of Text (Enacted):October 28, 2009
Type of Text:IP-related Laws: enacted by the Legislature
Subject Matter:Competition, Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights), Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, IP Regulatory Body, Undisclosed Information (Trade Secrets)
Notes:Chapter II of the Act provides for the establishment of Communications Regulatory Authority. Section 129 contains provisions concerning Copyright. Chapter IV and section 15 (10)(c) deal with competition and trade secrets respectively. Non-compliance with the Act is sanctioned in Chapter X.
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Communications Act, 2009 (Act No. 8 of 2009) Communications Act, 2009 (Act No. 8 of 2009), Complete document (pdf) [377 KB]

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WIPO Lex No.:NA011