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Administrative Measures for the Storage of Bacterial (Viral) Strains of Animal Pathogenic Microorganisms

Year of Version:2008
Date of Entry into Force:January 1, 2009
Date of Text (Issued):November 26, 2008
Type of Text:Implementing Rules/Regulations
Subject Matter:Genetic Resources, Undisclosed Information (Trade Secrets)
Notes:Article 19 concerns the obligation of confidentiality of the preservation institution to the intellectual property holders.
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动物病原微生物菌(毒)种保藏管理办法 动物病原微生物菌(毒)种保藏管理办法, Complete document (pdf) [121 KB] 动物病原微生物菌(毒)种保藏管理办法, Complete document (htm) [34 KB] (Version with Automatic Translation Tool)

WIPO Lex No.:CN168



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