The 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia

Year of Version:2002
Date of Text (Adopted):1945
Type of Text:Constitution / Basic Law
Subject Matter:Other
The 1945 Constitution or Undang-Undang Dasar (usually referred to as UUD ’45) was written when Indonesia was emerging from Japanese control following World War II, and declaring its independence from its former colonial occupier, the Netherlands. The Constitution was abrogated by the Federal Constitution on 27 December 1949, replaced by the Provisional Constitution on 17 August 1950, and restored on 5 July 1959.
Today, the Constitution is the supreme legal authority and requires the deference of all governmental actors. Since 1999, amendments to the Constitution have increased its size from 37 articles to 73 articles. This version of the 1945 Constitution has been annotated by the Department of Information, and the English translation is only provisional.
The following provisions of the 1945 Constitution are potential sources of intellectual property rights: Article 32 (patents and copyright) and Article 33.3 (genetic resources).
Available Texts: 

The 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia The 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, Complete document (pdf) [94 KB]

WIPO Lex No.:ID061