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Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court concerning Some Issues on Application of Law for the Trial of Cases on Disputes over Technology Contract

Year of current version:2004
Date of entry into force of original text:January 1, 2005
Date of Text (Published):November 30, 2004
Type of Text:IP Jurisprudence
Subject Matter:Transfer of Technology
Notes:Judicial interpretation promulgated by Supreme People's Court on 16 December 2004 and effective as of 1 January 2005. The judicial interpretation governs the trial of cases on disputes over technology contracts; mainly specifying several kinds of technology contracts, as well as relevant procedural issues.
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最高人民法院关于审理技术合同纠纷案件适用法律若干问题的解释 最高人民法院关于审理技术合同纠纷案件适用法律若干问题的解释, Complete document (pdf) [149 KB] 最高人民法院关于审理技术合同纠纷案件适用法律若干问题的解释, Complete document (htm) [30 KB] (Version with Automatic Translation Tool)

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WIPO Lex No.:CN132



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