Kuwaiti Constitution

Year of Version:1962
Date of Text (Adopted):November 11, 1962
Type of Text:Constitution / Basic Law
Subject Matter:Other
Kuwait is an independent Arab state with a monarchical and constitutional system of government. According to the Constitution, the system of government is based on the separation of powers. The legislative authority is vested in the Amir and the national Assembly and executive power is vested in the Amir and his cabinet and ministers. The Kuwait Legal system is based on civil law jurisdiction; it is derived from Egyptian and French laws. The decrees are executed after the approval of the Amir who is the ruler of the country. All the laws enacted by Kuwait National Assembly are not valid until signed by the Amir within one month. However, if they are not signed after one month, they enter into force same as being signed. The laws returned to the Assembly and approved by it become in force without Amir Signature.
While the Kuwait constitution does not refer to intellectual property, Article 18 of the Constitution refers to private property rights.
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دستور دولة الكويت، الصادر في 14 جمادى الثاني الموافق 11 نوفمبر 1962 دستور دولة الكويت، الصادر في 14 جمادى الثاني الموافق 11 نوفمبر 1962, Complete document (pdf) [294 KB]


Kuwaiti Constitution Kuwaiti Constitution, Complete document (pdf) [94 KB]

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