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Trade Marks Amendment Regulations 2002 (No. 1)

Year of Version:2002
Date of Text:December 12, 2002
Subject Matter:Trademarks
The WTO notification states:
'Amend the Trade Marks Regulations 1995 with respect to amendments to application procedures.
The Regulations amend the time in which a divisional application for trade mark can be made. The amendments also make mandatory the removal from, or restoration of a person's name to, the Register of Trade Mark Attorneys if relevant preconditions are met. Finally, the amendments include the Seychelles as a Convention country in Schedule 10 to the Regulations.'

Date of entry into force:
See Article 2.
Available Texts: 

Trade Marks Amendment Regulations 2002 (No. 1) Trade Marks Amendment Regulations 2002 (No. 1), Complete document (pdf) [24 KB]

WIPO Lex No.:AU125



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