Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure

Year of Version:2000
Date of Entry into Force:December 1, 2000
Type of Text:Implementing Rules/Regulations
Subject Matter:Enforcement of IP and Related Laws
The notification by Philippines to the WTO under article 63.2 of TRIPS states:
'The Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure provide for the rules concerning prosecution of offenses, enforcement and protection of constitutional rights of the accused, and proceedings in all courts involving criminal action.'

The Rules of Criminal Procedure is the third of four parts of the Rules of Court of Philippines, which include: Part I, The Rules of Civil Procedure (Rules 1-71); Part II, Special Proceedings (Rules 72-109); Part III, The Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure (Rules 110-127); and Part IV, The Rules of Evidence (Rules 128-134).

The Supreme Court adopted the Rules of Court pursuant to the power vested upon it by Section 5(5) of Article VIII of the Constitution to promulgate rules concerning the protection and enforcement of constitutional rights, pleading, practice and procedure in all courts, the admission to the practice of law, the Integrated Bar, and legal assistance to the underprivileged.

The text of the Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure has been reproduced with the express permission of the Lawphil Project © 2002. All rights reserved.
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Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure, Complete document (pdf) [139 KB]

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