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Trade Marks Act, 1965 (Act 270)



Date of Text (Enacted):February 25, 1965
Type of Text:Main IP Laws: enacted by the Legislature
Subject Matter:Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Geographical Indications, Industrial Property, IP Regulatory Body, Trade Names, Trademarks
The notification by Ghana to the WTO under article 63.2 of TRIPS states:
'This Act provides for the registration of original marks which are able to distinguish goods of applicants. It enables marks to be registered in Part A or B of the Register depending upon their distinctiveness.
The present legislation does not make provision for service mark registration and does not recognize well - known marks.
Details of the new Trademark Bill which is due to be laid before Parliament are attached at Annex III.'
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Trade Marks Act, 1965 (Act 270) Trade Marks Act, 1965 (Act 270), Complete document (pdf) [6378 KB]

Related Legislation:
WIPO Lex No.:GH002

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