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National Heritage Council Act 1999 (Act No.11 of 1999)

Year of Version:1999
Date of Text (Enacted):April 14, 1999
Type of Text:IP-related Laws: enacted by the Legislature
Subject Matter:Other, Traditional Cultural Expressions, Traditional Knowledge (TK)
This Act provides for the establishment of the National Heritage Council, which is a government institution responsible for the preservation of the country's heritage. It sets out the objects, functions, powers and duties of the Council, in relation to the preservation, promotion and development of indigenous knowlege systems, living treasures, national heritage activities and resources, living heritage, etc. (Sections 4 and 10).

The Act does not define 'heritage'; however section 2 provides a definition of 'living heritage', which reads: “Living Heritage means the intangible aspects of inherited culture, and may include,
a) Cultural traditions;
b) Oral history;
c) Performance;
d) Ritual;
e) Popular memory;
f) Skills and technology;
g) Indigenous knowledge system; and
h) The holistic approach to nature, society, and social relationships.'

Section 17 of this Act stipulates that it takes effect on a date determined by the President by proclamation in the Gazette.
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National Heritage Council Act 1999 (Act No.11 of 1999) National Heritage Council Act 1999 (Act No.11 of 1999), Complete document (pdf) [128 KB]

WIPO Lex No.:ZA085


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